[Check out the Who Back When review of Victory of the Daleks!] This was a dull, cliché-ridden and predictable episode which I'm not likely to ever watch again. Billie Doux and Paul Kelly review 'Daleks in Manhattan,' an episode of 'Doctor Who.' nope) After an ingenious first three episodes of this 29th series of Doctor Who, this episode nearly threatened to derail an otherwise brilliant series with bad acting by the guest stars, an uninteresting story (it takes quite a lot to make ANY Delek story uninteresting) & silly pig-men. The parts breakdown for the Daleks themselves leads to fit problems, especially in the "skirt" area and the places where the head meets the neck, where the neck meets the middle module, and where the middle module meets the skirt. The reverse is also true with stories such as The Chase , Death To The Daleks and Destiny Of The Daleks held in very low regard by the fans . I found it a rather scary villain, with its one eye and tentacles, and I definitely want to find out what happens with it next. In Daleks In Manhattan, with one glaring exception he’s very good indeed. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. If Daleks In Manhattan was defined by desperation, then Evolution of The Daleks is defined by power, and how it corrupts. But now, I look back at this project and wish I had never taken it. Allowed HTML tags: