I don’t like quick detach. It is one thing to be confident, but this guy takes it to another level. And I think we see it with Advanced Armament and some of the silencer companies and gun companies. They decide what is actual innovation and what’s not. But we wanted to bring the AR ergonomics to the bolt gun and modernize it. “The SIG SAUER silencers are the very best on the market right now, and it’s gunna be really hard to top them. I also make more mistakes than most people in our industry…but I think the mini-Fix is going to be huge. That’s just not our DNA. He’ll be the first guy to get the 8.6 because he’s going to out and kill stuff with it and give us feedback. That’s fine. It would be my next NFA item. 954-545-1321 His influence is everywhere. Kevin Brittingham:  My introduction to the AR-15 was when I was in high school. I think he plays fine with others. I am better than most people in our industry at guessing where the market is going to go. So his gig at Sig wasn’t for him, he needs to be the captain of his own ship. I think Kevin is one. We sit down with Knight's Armament's Jack Leuba to talk about the company, where its been, where it's headed, and to explain why its firearms are worth the premium price. There will be an official launch of production of ammo in super and subsonic by Hornady at SHOT Show 2020. So, the program has really taken off and has now been adopted by the military…both the 300 Blackout and the Honey Badger. I can talk about features all day, but its like…what sells silencers? Just like 300 Blackout, it is designed for fast-twist, short barrels. That’s not venture capitol money. ... Erector by Q The Erector by Q is the definition of modular. Something that I could easily stylize and wouldn’t take up much space when engraved on a receiver.”. Those who choose to think someone is a particular way with no facts, are doomed to hit a wall called reality. It’s playing FOR others where the others get their feelings hurt, cause Kevin’s ideas are usually better. It’s something that’s very enjoyable to shoot. From its full 10-baffle setup to its smallest configuration, this rimfire suppressor is perfect for your .22 (and smaller) caliber pistols and rifles. But, some good and some bad things happened with that. As far as comparison, the Honey Badger is less weight than even the MP5. ” This guy sounds like the most egotistical, know it all in the firearms industry.”. It was designed for short barrels so you get terminal performance out of short barrels. But if I decided to make it quick-change, where you press a button and its “cool” like a Jason Bourne movie…well, that would add two pounds to the gun. So, we went after that. The Cherry Bomb by Q® is a Quickie™ Fast-Attach muzzle brake compatible with the THUNDER CHICKEN™ and trash PANDA™ silencers by Q. You might think “a pistol-braced, 300 Blackout, 8” barrel bolt action is stupid.”  I understand your argument. Well, what the hell does that even mean? So not ONE article anywhere after december on the 8.6 creedmoor. We have people fly in every Friday from all across the country to do that. If I can be the best making the best stuff and make $20 million, or make something ‘good enough’ and make $90 million, I’ll choose to do it right every time.”. Most of selling silencer is making sure you have an image, and he has one. Available at OTBFirearms.com, please visit 24 hours a day 7 days a week! For the hunter who only plans to use a suppressor to pursue deer or elk a few times a year, ... while purchasing as an individual means that the suppressor owner must be present whenever that item is … And then we built one. When the ammo was selected, that basically freezes development and what’s going to be delivered. It’s like the Fix rifle. You get that gun immediately. . You have a great day and experience. It’s super lightweight because we designed and built every part with the exception of the bolt carrier and the trigger. It’s very high quality, a ton of engineering and QC has gone into it, but it was built for a special operations group to replace the MP5SD, a submachine gun. The AR, there is no argument…ergonomically it is the best rifle ever produced. Now, I personally don’t view it any differently, but it’s certainly neat to see the evolution of it…seeing all of the accessories as far as rail accessories and things like that for the military and commercial market. We have a seven-month backlog currently on any of our firearms. ARBuildJunkie recently sat down with Q CEO Kevin Brittingham, one of the industry’s preeminent trendsetters. I’ve decided NOT to buy anything this guy ever produces based on principle alone. And for good reason. Equally quiet, durable and accurate, the THUNDER CHICKEN is the perfect solution for shooters with multiple silencer hosts. What you think about him could not be farther from the truth. This guy sounds like the most egotistical, know it all in the firearms industry. It’s also great to see a lot of good quality triggers for the gun that are widely available. If we had to choose a quietest silencer to recommend, we’d suggest the BANISH 30 multi-caliber suppressor, because it has the highest sound reduction in comparison to its competitors of similar weight and material. If you want cookie cutter, you've come to the wrong place. The combination of innovative engineering, the highest quality materials, and next-gen manufacturing cuts no corners to create the best possible product for every customer. “Ethan Lessard [good friend, head of AAC R&D, and the driving force behind the most innovative designs of the last few years] said he’d follow me so long as I had control over the company. But, would it be their direct-thread Half Nelson or the QD Trash Panda?After shooting these two cans (Q cans, two Q cans, toucans? What other industry would focus so much money, time and energy on a 100 year old pistol platform and call it “new?” There’s been very little innovation since polymer pistols were first introduced. He sold AAC to what was then called The Freedom Group (now Remington Outdoors) — only to find himself fired from the company he founded. “Back in October I was approached by a Texas oil billionaire,” Kevin told TTAG. Kevin Brittingham:I feel I am better than most people at both identifying talent. You don’t have to change the bolt, it’s just a simple barrel change. The quietest..the least back pressure…the most accurate…the best mounting system. The problem was the guns didn’t operate reliably and also J.D. No surprise there. Kevin Brittingham: It’s experience and evolution. I’d sacrifice a lot of other things before that. We’re doing it in conjunction with Hornady from the beginning this time. I want to be able to put at least some length of it under the handguard and remove with one hand. The industry needs mavericks. To me, the difference between $20 million and $90 million doesn’t matter. After he sued Remington(Freedom Group) he won his court case and a well deserved settlement. Manufacturer of firearms and accessories made in the USA with SCIENCE. Then we’ve seen the trend of optics, red-dots, things like that. So is the Honey Badger in its category. Kevin Brittingham doesn’t play well with others. It features our taper mount shoulder to align with our barrels and silencers, uses a 1/2 inch socket on the front for easy install and removal, and features 360° circumferential ports to alleviate the need for timing and shims. We have more engineers than just about any AR-15 company there is, even with our small company. My 1996 German made p228 is hand over fist in quality better than anything SIG has turned out in years. One day, in those places where leeches are likely included in the medic bag, they too will realize the suppressor […] Boresight Solutions - Performance-Driven Glock Perfection, It's not hyperbole to say that the ever-growing number of companies dedicated to modifying the Glock pistol are using elements and methods developed by Ben Simonson of Boresight Solutions. Kevin Brittingham: It’s experience and evolution. He’ll buy one. What that means to you is you get lower pressures, lower temperatures, more sound reduction, less back pressure…so less gas in your face and sound at your ear. That’s Kevin Brittingham. Surefire Suppressors Socom 300 SPS The SOCOM300 SPS Fast-Attach® suppressor boasts the ultimate sound suppression of any .30 caliber suppressor ever built. If you have a good trigger, and good optic and its lightweight you’re going to use it more. The others were part of the original core team since the early AAC days. Now, you can currently swap the barrel on the Fix and change calibers in two minutes on the tailgate of your truck, without a vice. You’re spinning it faster with the subsonic. The cherry bomb is a pretty effective and one of, if not the, most elegant mounting solution for suppressors. The original Honey Badger was developed at AAC by previous owner and Q CEO, Kevin Brittingham and his R&D team at the... MSRP: $1,998.00 Now: $1,899.99 We did the M-16 cyclic rate reducer together, and then I went on to do silencers and a lot of stuff since then. The original Honey Badger was developed at AAC by previous owner and Q … Kevin is just another industry whore, looking for a payday. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Kevin tends to become agitated when working for anyone other than himself. We started at 1/8 twist for 300 Blackout. Q’s core group shifted from SIG SAUER. He wasn’t really that interested in commercializing it. I want to build something you’re not even thinking about and then you’ve gotta have it. I’ve always expected SHOT 2020 to be it’s official roll-out. Firstly, Suppressors a 100% legal in TEXAS and many other States. If it was ‘Q-as-in-quality’ or a Bond reference, there isn’t much reason to not admit it. Ethan Lessard and I have been discussing this for ten years, and the Fix is the result. It has also become widely accepted as one of the most common hunting rifles now. I kill stuff every week, and have for years. Don’t let a little thing like truth, slow you down. If I wanted money, I’d just do silencers and basic ARs and paint them like a Honey Badger and whore them out. If you want cookie cutter, you've come to the wrong place. “He wanted a majority ownership of the new company, but some of the people I wanted to bring over didn’t want that.”. THUNDER CHICKEN by Q Suppressors - Live Q or Die The THUNDER CHICKEN by Q is the Quickie Fast-Attach version of the FULL NELSON. The Erector is made up of hard-coat anodized aircraft grade aluminum backed up by a stainless steel blast baffle that is PVD coated. Now, 1/4 would be even more accurate with subsonic, but the bullets that were selected…they would open up out of the muzzle. This is the same thing that I feel gives Dead Air the edge over Rugged. I think we’re going to see a lot of success with it. Speaking of light, the El Camino is by far the lightest of the suppressors we’ve talked about in this 22 suppressor blog post. The gun is next-level. It’s putting it in someone’s hands and letting them feel the gun. Ultimately, what Q “stand for” depends on the products it produces. “I haven’t told anyone what it stands for, and I don’t think I ever will.”. It has the same subsonic and supersonic cycling in gas guns as well as in bolt-action rifles. The Q promise is to create the very best cutting edge products, with no compromise. “That 762Ti-QD is the best silencer for civilians, period.”. But always in the back of our mind, Ethan Lessard and I wanted to do its big brother for .308 platforms. Its just like, I would love to have quick-change barrels on the Fix rifle. For instance, if you take our Thunder Chicken and you compare to another competing silencer, ours will have 50 percent more internal volume for the same length silencer. The Honey Badger is a small production. The Q Silencer Half and Full Nelson suppressors come with a fun soft bag and sturdy carrying pouch. OSS HX-QD 762 Ti RAW . There’s no reason to be heavy with stuff. His collaborators know this. That’s how we get great products. Whether you are in a state that does not allow AR-15s, or you like to travel internationally and hunt, or you’re just a fan of bolt guns, how can we make it shoot as good, feel as good and be as practical as an AR-15? Mauser was really about the last innovation it seems other than accessories like the chassis and things of that nature. Q is the evolution of AAC and Sig in their own respect. I’ve noticed that too…I am hoping to do a brief follow up on this article in the weeks ahead about the Sugar Weasel and the state of 8.6. All of our guys work on every project together…so the Fix had six people involved in it and I think it’s the most innovative gun, to me, probably since the Glock. So we designed the Cherry Bomb muzzle break by Q, and it’s the most practical mounting solution for silencers. The first products slated for production: a set of firearms accessories, followed by a line of silencers for SHOT Show 2017. Few men are taking bolder steps to bring their visions and passions to life…and few if any, are making firearms and accessories this daring and future-forward. That 762Ti-QD is the best silencer for civilians, period.”, I asked what specifically he would want to focus on improving. You mention the Handi-Rifle. Kevin Brittingham: There’s three things in my life. Kevin Brittingham:300 Blackout was a commercialized wildcat cartridge that was known as 300 Whisper by J.D. I think it’s dumb…but a lot of people like it. Kevin Brittingham:I think we’re more of an innovation company that specializes in small arms. With a slow long bullet, it helps with accuracy. Watch this space. And we worked up all the loads for the subsonic and came up with optimum twist for it…and it was rejected. I knew that I couldn’t get everything done on my own. If you need proof….simply find one of his products and hold it for 2 minutes. He has solved many of the firearm industries issues with Cryo, Teflon Coatings, Melonite, Isonite, Heat Treating and Materials selection. They are either too short so they don’t take up the full magazine, or the ogive isn’t correct to feed from the magazine into the barrel using the traditional barrel extension feed ramps. My job is to create an environment for these people to excel, and to do it as a team. This holds true their outstanding product line and slogan of Live Q or DIE. Titanium is both lightweight and quicker at cooling hot muzzle gas than steel or aluminum. He’s back where we started: at the helm of his own small startup firearms company. The Erector by Q® is the definition of modular. I pressed Kevin on what the Q stands for, asking if it had anything to do with fictional British spy James Bond’s clever clogs quartermaster. Lets hope it wasn’t just a fluke. We’ve ended up at 1/5. While I'm not a huge fan of the owner of Q, and how arrogant he comes off as, he does implement some clever and … I disagree. The Honey Badger can and will bite if necessary. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. was hamstrung by using the traditional 30 caliber bullets that were available. It’s just not in my interest at this point. As for the cans itself, Q direct thread cans are great. Find your favorite suppressor brand here; AAC, HK, Gemtech, Surefire, Sig Sauer and many others. It’s just a better design. 1/2, 1/3 twist. Kevin was spoilt for choice in terms of staff. 0 reviews Add to Cart. Doing those Handi-rifles…that was like stepping on the stairs in the shallow end of the pool. And I think its going to replace the Remington 700 as the practical, go-to standard bolt gun for the next generation of shooters. First, a potted history... Kevin started AAC silencers before silencers were cool. And today I just see everybody copying everything we did at AAC. We’ve got companies now like Discreet Ballistics that are making solid copper subsonic expanding…and that is wonderful for hunting.

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