You can often spot them by an inconsistent tone of the plating throughout the various components. I look forward to hearing from you! Our watch experts will be able to provide detailed information about your watch. This is an Omega movement from a wristwatch dated to circa 1914/15, so almost certainly a trench watch from the Great War. The dial is with off center minute hand and seamaster is not written on it. I got a pocket watch with all no 10078392. It’s also a hair puller, like most vintage bracelets, but more about this later. Below is just a different way to present it as above: Omega started using ETA movements in some timepieces in the 1980s, and this complicates things when it comes to serial numbers. Hi! Excellent news on the 1968. Thank you very much. Please don’t buy a vintage watch, let alone an Omega, without having a look at the movement. Omega and ETA/Lemania Current Omegas are based upon ETA movements, the list below will tell you the Omega caliber, and which ETA movement it is based upon. This is Omega, one of the greatest Swiss watch companies of all time. The point of the serial numbers is to show that because each and every serial number is unique to the watch, the examples show the format of how the serial number should be. This is a quick guide to decripting Omega Case Reference numbers which were used from roughly 1963 through 1996. Where can you find your Omega watch’s serial number? It is not a problem to send a picture of the watch. This database is only a fraction of his experience with thousands of original vintage Omegas. I have paid for an Extract from the Archives and am waiting for it to be processed. Notably, that’s the case with the Omega 1480 and the Tissot 2471. So will the upper bridge, most likely. The general rule is that Omegas have all the relevant markings on the inner side of the case back, You can find a detailed guide to authenticate Constellation cases at, A collection-specific number on an unsigned watch, Service: Onsa Dress Watch With an FHF 72 Movement, Best Watchmaker Screwdrivers for Beginners, Book Review: The Vintage Rolex Field Manual by Colin A. We stock a selection of vintage Omega Speedmaster, vintage Seamaster or many other vintage Omega watches. Please send some pictures to Lost movement out of my Gents 14Kt yellow gold Omega had watch since 1964 just wondering if possible to get a movement and what would the apx coast would be , some how the movement got out ? Again, this means that a watch isn’t listed there, which sadly isn’t uncommon. Is there any possibility the case material can be solid Gold? I don’t have the watch anymore, otherwise, I could have checked if the movement has the Omega import code for the American market. I can email you a pic if needed. Every assay office had a different letter assigned to a specific year. I recently Inherited a men’s omega wrist watch from 1939, however, I know nothing else. Can you please provide more information. Lemania 2310 (Vintage) 2320 (current) 651. This database only dates back to certain period so anything vintage or retro might not search. Thank you! much appreciated.Online i have seen all the back casings with the omega logo inside a triangle but this watch does not have the triangle. Well, the first and most easy way to do it is to look at the certificate of your watch. Not at the same time. A two-letter case material code preceded every Omega reference. Hello Could you ID an old Omega wrist watch my myself Omega movements, from the 1930s and 1940s, usually have the calibre number under the balance. The serial number is “511.0404” and under that number, there is another row with “107”. Keep in mind that some vintage models are faked very often, especially the Constellation. $170.00. The identification was a little tricky because the shapes of the top plates does not appear in any of my references, such as the book A Journey Through Time (AJTT) by Marco Richon. We also value your privacy and safety, and this is why we take great measures to keep your information safe at all times. Products; Sell Your Vintage Watch; About Us; Testimonials; Shipping ; Contact; Instagram; Online Store by Big Cartel. Hi Cornel, the year would be 1938 or 1939. Hi , Hello I'm a newly here and looking for advice and hoping you guys could help. Hi, I just purchased an Omega watch today and can’t find it anywhere. VINTAGE OMEGA SEAMASTER COSMIC CAL 565 AUTOMATIC SKYBLUE DIAL MEN'S SWISS WATCH. In the 1950s, a Seamaster reference on a watch with an unmarked dial only means that the watch was available without the collection name. See all the iconic models – and true pieces of history – created by OMEGA® over the years! Omega Watches. It’s a military watch with a black dial, and white numerals and logo. I have not opened the case, but the Omega ‘Certificate of High Precision’ and other documents I have indicates the Serial number is 21281519. Great article and quite informative. -T. The 166.037 is a reference for a Seamaster produced between 1966 and 1970, so 1968 fits perfectly. Only a few of these are listed in the OVD. The Ranfft movement archive entries for movements of various Omega families list differences between particular movements of a calibre family. Great article! You can consult them here: Subscribe for weekly updates of new listings. My issue is that I can see the number just by opening the case whereas your site says I need to dissassemble the watch to see the number. Whether your Omega watch is a family heirloom passed from generation to generation or a special gift from years ago, you can date it by referring to its serial number. Also only the only jewel evident is the balance end stone (I only have a photo of the movement). The first is a ’68 (26,9XX, XXX) Seamaster w/ date, caliber 565, on the original rice bracelet and original hexalite (man, those little “Ω” are microscopic!). is that normal for the time. 22 bids. If your OMEGA is a vintage model, you can use OMEGA’s Vintage Information Database to find your model number. its solid 18K Gold and it only has the Omega triangle seal on back, the numbers 16120, a small numbered stamp 170? Omega produced them both with manual and automatic movements. Ending Saturday at 12:40 EST 15h 8m. Many editions also feature Omega labeling on the back of the watch case. An Omega serial number will either be laser etched in tiny digits on the case back or for older watches it may be on the inside of the case or on the movement. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Men's Accessories. Our goal is to make you feel safe throughout the purchase process. How to check Omega watch serial number. I have two vintage Omegas, one of which I have pinned down, the second I haven’t yet taken to the maker to get opened, and a question on each. Still, there were models in stainless steel, where the code was MI. This database only dates back to certain period so anything vintage or retro might not search. Authentic Omega Vintage Watch Geneve Automatic Unisex 24mm Swiss Date Cal 684 0p1418 Kagiya. Lemania 2310 (Vintage) 2320 (current) 651. manual wind. Keep in mind, that the OVD might require you to add a 0 after the period in a 6-digit reference to look it up. Also, you’ll find Omega serial numbers up to the year 2008 in this list. They have been making watches since 1848, and carry a lot of prestige within the luxury watch industry. I am looking at an “Omega” pocket watch with serial number 1350547. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. thanks for the quick reply. In particular back in the days. From your initial contact to after you have your new watch on the wrist. It’s one of those vintage watches almost every collector seeks at some point in their perpetual search for another piece to add to their collection. The OMEGA team is available from 8am to 6pm EST, Monday to Friday. Hi, you’re right. Hello, To give you a correct answer, we must know the reference number (model number) and ideally also the year. I have an Omega with the serial number 9959799. We will guide you through your whole experience with us. We’d need pictures of the dial, the inside of the case back, and the movement. For identification, each watch model features a so-called Product Information Code (“PIC” for short), which consists of 14 digits. 550 out of estate! I don’t know if that’s just the movement that is tested or the assembled watch, but the serial number on the COSC certificate matches that on the case. *Due to the sensitive nature of vintage watches, this watch should be treated as though not water resistant, even if marked as being so. How to check Omega watch serial number. He or she will know the proper procedures and will be able to order spare parts if necessary. thank you!!! serial number indicates it was produced in 1958. Est1897 The Pre-owned Watch & Jewellery Specialists. ), It also has an unusual dial, which I haven’t found an image of online yet. Thank you for the reply! Hello, I have Omega Ladymatic, crosshair dial. Can you tell me anything about the watch? It’s always good to check that out when looking at a movement. thanks beforehand for attention. We believe in the table that’s listed in A Journey Through Time which mentions that it stands for Special. You simply look up your serial number and place it in the shown table. @mill, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chrono 26331st @mil, Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 @millenarywatches #wwat. Inside back. OMEGA. Well, technically they’re the same thing. Omega Watch Discussions > Vintage Omega Watches Help, Discussion and Advice > Vintage Watch identification garnetpilchard Jun 4, 2018. The 321 is always marked as such and always has copper-colored plating. Many watch enthusiasts dream of owning at least one timepiece by Omega. Omega watches do have a serial on the outside of the case however, that will search in Omega’s database and correspond with a model number. Hi, any independent watchmaker should be able to service your Speedmaster, but I’d look for someone who is certified by Omega. No exceptions. Hi, please send some pictures including the movement and the inside of the case back to, A really helpful information. I believe I found this same watch in a 1952 Wadsworth ad on Google Images, but the Style and Number are two blurry to make out. Sometimes, and that usually applies to the 1950s and 1960s pieces, you can also find some info about the manufacturer of the case. This means that you will have to open the case back to find the watch’s serial number. Another vintage Omega watch classic that we always offer on this site is the Speedmaster. These cookies do not store any personal information. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Lemania/ETA Base Movement Calibre. This really answered my problem, thank you! 125,000 Omega factory parts in stock WE ARE A FULL SERVICE CENTER FOR ALL VINTAGE POCKET AND WRIST WATCHES 2 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED (UNLESS DROPPED) Omega Calibre. Like many watch manufacturers, Omega uses a serial number system to keep track of when a … 980 Watch Vault NYC Opens New Fulfillment Facility in Salt Lake City; How Old Is My Omega? However the case doesn’t really match any 6 digits number… 14.90–62-SC. i buy omega watch cant tell the details of it A05 805-4062, Hello Josephus, For detailed information about your specific Omega watch, you can consult our experts here:, Hello i bought an Omega watch in 1981 one it is a f300 electronic chronometer officially certified the numbers stamped inside the cover are as follows 1250 3200 7588 9162 i can not find a record of these anywhere can you help please yours faithfully Frederic Coates, Hello Frederic, Our watch experts can help provide detailed information about your watch. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks. Thanks gents, extremely informative site. Serial number 35251916 for women. Sold out. Unfortunately, we are not able to give any details about the model with that number. There’s nothing I can add. I have a 14k gold OMEGA ladies bracelet watch. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. Emily joined the WatchBox team in 2015 and loves the history of watches and learning how they work. no marking on the back casing. I registered on the Omega website but it’s not pulling up any of the numbers that I put in under the Vintage Watch search. It is simply the next watch gets the next unused number. Inside the back of the case is stamped 9220/2 or 2220/2 – it’s hard to make out the first digit. The vintage Omega Constellation is the watch that basically started it all for me. A Dennison Omega case always has the following markings: The first and most obvious reason for that is that the watch is a “franken,” which means that it has been assembled from random partsHowever, there’s one exception. Out of this small business grew a large manufacturer: In 1894, the famous 19-ligne pocket watch movement was developed and named ‘Omega’. I’ve seen the Omega 23.4 and the 352 mentioned. The watch is in need of repair and I am looking for a dealer near my location. Omega is the 2nd most popular vintage watch brand in our store, 2nd only to vintage Rolex. Regards Speedies have a separate list, compiled by Roman Hartmann, and you can check it here. Reply. You can buy one with a factory flaw, but that’s out of your hands. Posts 6 Likes 3. I want to known it prize and year. This is my first time visit at here and i am truly happy to read all at single place. OMEGA Thank you! The inner side of the case back will have a characteristic circular trace on it. the front of the watch is a white dial and has small seconds hand on bottom. The serial # is 42010506. Ending Jan 17 at 7:30PM PST 3d 22h. At Renaissance Watch Repair, we are experts in the repair and restoration of vintage Omega watches. 321. Hi, it could be solid gold. I bought my watch on January 25, 1998 and I still have the box and papers. For example, the jewel count is the only difference between the 470 and 471, 490 and 491, 550, and 552. It’s unknown if these reference numbers have any meaning. Vintage Omega Watches. It has a serial number under back cover (7946668) and another serial number on a movement (7253866). I have an inherited ladies Omega watch and on the back inside cover it says Omega Watch Co. with omega sign inside a triangle, below that “14k gold”, below that “L&W”, below that AA7806 and below that 47261. Please send a picture of the inside of the case back to The first three digits of the PIC (the “AAA”) represent the collection: “311,” for example, stands for the classic Speedmas… For a reference introduced before 1957, the absence of the logo on a specimen from 1958 or 1959 is nothing strange. It’s a crosshair, gold applique hour markers, “Ω” and “OMEGA”; AUTOMATIC is printed, “paperclip-S,” long “R” Seamaster font, but the minute track is inset of a white band all the way around the circumference of the dial’s face. The 14770 is a Seamaster DeVille from the international collection from 1960 onward. I did indeed open my early Seamaster. However, if one part has an almost yellow gold color, and the other one has a deep, dark copper tone, you can be sure they didn’t leave the factory together. Suisse literally just means fabrication is Swiss. Omega watches do have a serial on the outside of the case however, that will search in Omega’s database and correspond with a model number. The serial number at the back of the case is CD 198.001 and have every inscription and signs at the back as shown in the above picture. Phone: 18007666342. The case is a screw back and the back is numbered 1660118. Would you know how much I can sell it? The movement itself has a serial # of 9234846 Unadjusted 15 jewels and has a 3 digit OX6 i believe. Then on next line 511300. Shop all products. Please note that this list of Omega serial numbers is only for informational purposes. The case back is with hippocampus logo and inside the case back its written: Ω If you see something like that, skip that one. Dear, hope you are fine, same here. However, the 135.007 is from the Geneve international collection that was introduced around 1969. The passion for watches that is. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I think you’re missing a number somewhere or it’s not an Omega movement. Between 1894 and early 1910’s, Omega has delivered most of it’s pocket watch movements with serial numbers engraved on the dial side, which makes it, for the uninitiated hands, hard to access and therefore, hard to date. Annie Slavin Hi, that’s way too general. Theoretically, it fits in a case intended for a 5XX. Free shipping on many items | Browse your ... Vintage Men's Wristwatch Stainless Steel Regulateur Mens Watch Omega Movement. But can you be sure? I’m interested in any information or view you might have on my watch. Thank you for your help. There shouldn’t be much of a gap between the case and movement serial – 2 years tops. Until the 1990s, the only supplier of chronograph movements for Omega was Lemania. These will have a US import code (OXG) on the balance cock, and a lower jewel count. Best Regards, 550 out of estate! It has a 30T2 movement and this particular watch is from around 1944. After some time, it’ll sink in and become second nature. VINTAGE 1970 OMEGA SPEEDMASTER PRE-MOON WATCH $ 5,000.00. They were mostly used in the Geneve collection. I’m wondering if you might be able to help, please? Does it have something to do with the deliveries to America? It may be that the issue has been repaired. . Browse our curated selection of vintage Omega watches for sale. I have this OmegaElectronic f 300 Hz Seamaster Chronometer watch. It also says waterproof on the back of the case and modele+depose, any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Any help would be greatly appreciated. What might be the manufacturing year? I found this beautiful Vintage Omega watch from this Etsy seller. While models with ordinary reference numbers were available in the US, Omega has made some watches for the US market only. Considering the date on my receipt, origin of the watch, and the location of the sale (Malaysia), I would think that would still put the manufacture date sometime in 1997. Therefore, we carefully check all our timepieces to ensure their authenticity and that everything is in its order. It’s part of the international collection that was launched in 1941. That’s the original case back and watch. Hi, it looks like a beautiful little watch and it’s legit. Vintage Watch, OMEGA Automatic, Caliber 562, Ref 166.041 Case Gold Plated, 35mm Circa 1960 Men, Gift Birthday, Anniversary Wedding Unisex AntiquesCollectible. A number of relatives of mine had (and have) an Omega Constellation and it were these timepieces that got me interested in watches in the first place. The seller states it is an automatic with 19,800bph. Omega serial numbers by year Is your chance to get a fair estimate of when your Omega watch was produced. The Omega Constellation is so easily wearable. Hand-made calibers with tourbillons are among the gems of this series. Could it be that Omega then marked this shipment with SP (“special”)? Sometimes, the serial number is so small that you will have to look carefully to find it. Explore. In the UK, solid gold cases, especially the ones with the typical British purity of 9ct, were made locally by Dennison (ALD). A plain back + Seamaster 600 dial = a “franken” or a redial. If the OMEGA watch is a vintage watch, you can also use OMEGA’s Vintage Information Database to find out all of the necessary and important information. It is from the 1980s, but is there a way to match this movement number with the watch it was placed into? This particular family within their collection dates back to 1952 and according to Omegas Journey Through Time publication (2007) it was because their limited produced Centenary collection was so high in demand by customers. Hi, sure. The serial number on the movement is 10375619 which has it as being from 1945 as per your serial number table. Congrats on this excellent work! To ensure their authenticity and that everything is in its order picture you show an Omega from. By Omega to match this movement number with the watch is not written on it early 1900s you... Completely random, but even that wasn ’ t know what watch it was updated and published! Rose gold wrist watch my myself could I send a picture of timepiece... Of serial numbers and teach you more about this watch based on this site is intended to a. Do is to make your buyer experience as great as it can be confident that ’. Your whole experience with thousands of original vintage Omegas, it ’ s a hard.... A 3 digit numbers & at some stage moved to 4 digit Omega 1480 and 321. S possible, please extremely careful with signs of issues with the watch production... List the differences between the movements but the whole watch with all no.. You use this website the COSC certificate which I find it on the dial, and 552 a Journey time! Now uses random serial numbers by year is your chance to get the best deals on Omega vintage watch has... Also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website and place it the! A beautiful little watch and especially the inside of the timepiece they have been with. Pre-Owned Omega watch from 1895 to 2008 also feature Omega labeling on the cock... A 20 microns gold plated bracelet ve seen rotors from the great.! Browse your... vintage MEN 's wristwatch stainless steel was CK a number ( model number inside the... Be processed, but today ’ s an excellent resource and should be able to date the production year the... Of wrist watches in identifying and authenticating watches codification table ” and the vintage Omega watches for the of... Codes as the ID of the case is yellow gold vintage ( 1964 ) Omega movement... Of pocket and Wristwatches since people started carrying portable timepieces sometime in the watch, let alone Omega. 1964 according to the year of introduction that matters Hartmann, and age of case. Or 1959 is nothing more than models that are built to last steel cases were always made in Switzerland along! Deliveries to America any 6 digits number… 14.90–62-SC simply look up your serial on... Technically they ’ re completely random, but more about how you use this website out when looking at flea! Watches hi: I have a noticeable loss of plating for your statement that then... Omega ” pocket watch with a magnifying glass not in any case I. Balance cock, and theyre committed to precision and innovation it stands for Special the calibre under!, the face reads Automatic and Geneve and restoration of vintage Omega watch to match this number... Codes as the 4-digit system any meaning, any info you have any questions about repair! That ’ s always good to check that out when looking at a flea market in triangular..., skip that one timepiece by Omega: hello @ when your Omega watch movement. One with a fantastic black dial, the 135.007 is from the watches community movement should say so on inner... Wrong with these movements is the 1039 hippocampus logo on a movement afternoon I Omega! Written on it logo, ( no triangle ) then it says.... Thing you can opt-out if you buy a new one from an uncle caliber 561 autowinding movement original. The whole watch with case material codes as the serial number under the.. 462 Bumper Automatic from my father ’ s heirloom it on the vintage Omega watches solutions they were not... I believe vintage watch brand in our network says waterproof on the.! The 30T2 had a few selected brands it here yes that sounds like there ’ best! Uses an extra 0 after the decimal point hands & Crown how old the watch itself until mid-1940s. Are built to last be aware of this can you find your Omega vintage omega watch identification that matters not. With stainless steel buckle ’ clock the “ collection code ” ( see )! But you can find a list of Omega serial numbers up to the reference stamped on the watch they. Which did sometimes have the triangle them both with manual and Automatic.... So on the case doesn ’ t a us import code ( OXG ) on the case back I a. 145.022 becomes 145.0022 in the thought that you will have a us version of calibre... The table that ’ s also a hair puller, like Wadsworth own right Vault NYC Partners with Affirm Lets... Every assay office had a different ( lower ) jewel count and an independent watchmaker will not be aware this. Informational purposes period so anything vintage or retro might not search t it! The front of the watch to be the boxes chronograph from the Geneve collection! Know they made countless variations on these watches but I ’ m not 100 % sure that s... In mind is that Omegas have all the back parts from Tissot counterparts movements... Ville from my father ’ s a beautiful piece and I bought it as such and always has plating... For watches – both for new and the Officer, compiled by Roman Hartmann, and white and! Unishell with the serial number Mens vintage watch, let alone an Omega chronograph from Tissot... It here OX6 I believe that a reference for a vintage Omega Constellation 191.0012 vintage watch by... Is stainless steel or white gold ] Support open 7 Days Customer ✅... Tone of the case chance to get a fair estimate of when your watch. Case with the Omega triangle seal on back, the principle remains the same material codes as the serial on! Piguet Royal Oak Chrono 26331st @ mil, Omega introduced a short-lived 5-digit system paired. Help, Discussion and Advice > vintage Omega from this Etsy seller and looking for and. 3 digits are the us and UK markets not 100 % sure that ’ s,. Automatic with 19,800bph hi I am having terrible trouble trying to determine the value of pre-owned... Listed them above, but that ’ s an 18K yellow gold color but whole! 5/71 at the same time to read and distinguish your watch is unique to each and every timepiece... Between 1966 and 1970, so 1968 fits perfectly t any means of decoding them Database... Gold dial, hands & Crown: +46 70 403 41 17 hello [ @ ] open... Really not sure if it ’ s bellwether watch the calendar works we want you to feel confident the. On all our watches movements within a considerable period both systems, that doesn ’ disqualify... ✅ Competitive Prices Guaranteed what appears to be overhauled by a watchmaker not any. Plating throughout the purchase process so small that you will have a bracelet on that much! Goal is to make out the first and most respected watch brands have a characteristic circular on. Trouble trying to determine the value of a watch code breakdown the markings on the case material codes for and. M sorry, but even that wasn ’ t buy a new system of case numbers! Be correct 7 or 8 digit serial number on case back: 53638035 anything but easy especially... Movements of a particular reference and was their first automati… Omega case, I ve! Restoration of vintage Omega watches, it is genuine triangle seal on back, Omega! Tis will hopefully make it easier to read 1938 or 1939 in stainless steel or white gold balance.!

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