Although the official cause of his death was asphyxia, Treves, who performed the autopsy, said Merrick had died of a dislocated neck. “There are people below Joseph and probably people above Joseph, so he’s not on his own. A. R. Tibbles put forward the theory that Merrick had suffered from Proteus syndrome, a very rare congenital disorder recently identified by Cohen in 1979 (this explains why this diagnosis was not advanced previously), citing Merrick's lack of reported café au lait spots and the absence of any histological proof that he had suffered from the previously conjectured syndrome. [63] Merrick's general health improved over the next five months under the care of the hospital staff. THE COLDWATER REPUBLICAN (Semi-Weekly), Michigan, July 4, 1890 * "The Elephant Man" Joseph Merrick * re. Norman observed Merrick asleep one morning and learnt that he always slept sitting up, with his legs drawn up and his head resting on his knees. [57] Abandoned, Merrick made his way by train to Ostend, where he attempted to board a ferry for Dover but was refused passage. [12], The other two children were: William Arthur, born January 1866, who died of scarlet fever on 21 December 1870 aged four and was buried on Christmas Day 1870; and Marion Eliza,[13] born 28 September 1867, who was born with physical disabilities and died of myelitis and "seizures" on 19 March 1891, aged 23. On this day in 1890, the man with severe deformities who was exhibited as a human curiosity and known as The Elephant Man, Joseph Carey Merrick died in The London Hospital (now known as the Royal London Hospital) at the age of 27. Bernard Pomerance famously created the 1979 play based on his life, and David Lynch's film starred John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft. This time he stayed for four years. Born in Evington, Leicester, At age 25, she married Joseph Rockley Merrick, a cab driver. [44][89], Merrick's condition gradually deteriorated during his four years at the London Hospital. Over the next years and with the passing of his mother, Joseph left home, tried working in a factory but was abused by the workers there, and finally ended up in a freak show. [58] He travelled to Antwerp and was able to board a ship bound for Harwich in Essex. Merrick had a skeletal and soft tissue deformity which saw him as a freak show attraction, then a medical curiosity. The case received only a brief mention in the British Medical Journal, and the Lancet declined to mention it at all. Merrick enjoyed these visits and became confident enough to converse with people who passed his windows. Later studies of his skeleton, and the casts made of his body, led researchers to suggest he suffered from neurofibromatosis (NF) type I, a genetic condition, from which one in four thousand people suffer. He would then lead his onlookers into the shop, explaining that the Elephant Man was "not here to frighten you but to enlighten you". Treves visited him daily and spent a couple of hours with him every Sunday. The devastating true story of Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick. Cause of death. [98][99][100], On 5 May 2019, author Jo Vigor-Mungovin discovered that Merrick's soft tissue[101] was buried in the City of London Cemetery.[102]. [77] At the hospital, Merrick filled his days with reading and constructing models of buildings out of card. When Joseph Merrick began to grow a “trunk” on his face, he became a household name. Although Queen Mary University of London intends to keep his skeleton at its medical school, some are contending that as a devout Christian, Merrick should be given a Christian burial in his home city of Leicester. His uncle, a barber named Charles Merrick, heard of his nephew's situation, sought him out and offered him accommodation in his home. A new set of photographs was taken. Now, a biographer of Merrick says she has found his plot. It was decided that he would be allowed to stay there for the remainder of his life. [42] The shop on Whitechapel Road was directly across the road from the London Hospital, an excellent location, as medical students and doctors visited the shop, curious to see Merrick. The National Archives: HO107/2087, f.666, p.12, "The Autobiography of Joseph Carey Merrick", "Merrick, Joseph Carey [Elephant Man] (1862–1890)", "University of London: Queen Mary University of London", "Scientists hope relative can help explain Elephant Man", National and University Library of Iceland, "Deconstructing The Elephant Man: Mysteries Of Joseph Merrick's Deformities May Soon Be Unlocked", "Two wrongs Don't Make A Right — Until Someone Joins Them Up", "Science Uncovers Handsome Side Of The Elephant Man", "Unlocking the secrets of the Elephant Man", "Anger over casting of Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton as Elephant Mann", "Year of the Rabbit review: Matt Berry in superb form as drunken and incompetent copper", "Hospital Refuses To Sell Elephant Man Skeleton To Pop Star", "Laurent Petitgiraud, french composer and conductor: Elephant Man". Mary Jane Merrick (nee Potterton) was the mother of Joseph Carey Merrick, aka the Elephant Man. [1] Joseph Rockley Merrick moved with his two children to live with Mrs. Emma Wood Antill, a widow with children of her own. . Contemporary visual art reference in the work of Australian art Cameron Hayes. In 2020, The Elephant Man: A New Musical was released, with book/lyrics by Jai Sepple and music/lyrics by Christopher Weeks. Death notes. The official cause of death … [69] Now that Merrick had found someone who understood his speech, he was delighted to carry on long conversations with the doctor. He died on 11th April 1890. Apart from his deformities and the lameness in his hip, Treves concluded that Merrick appeared to be in good general health. Last Years of Joseph Merrick. By then, Tom Norman's shop on Whitechapel Road had been closed, and the Elephant Man had moved on. Joseph Merrick states in his autobiography that he was born in 1860, but the true year is believed to be 1862… Dr. Treves, in his memoirs, refers to Merrick as “John.” This has often led to confusion about Merrick’s true name, which was Joseph… Despite 1980s rumors, pop star Michael Jackson did not buy the Elephant Man’s bones… [84] Treves, with the help of Madge Kendal, arranged for him to attend the Christmas pantomime at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Just before his 22nd birthday, Merrick left the workhouse to become an attraction in a traveling “freak show.” “I think Joseph knew that his appearance drew interest,” she says. Joseph Merrick's Story Continues to Resonate. ... After his death, Merrick's body was dissected and … He had no outward anatomical signs of, and no symptoms of any disorder for the first few years of his life. Norman gathered an audience by standing outside the shop and drawing a crowd through his showman's patter. The question of Merrick's long-term care had to be addressed. [140], In November 2016, Joanne Vigor-Mungovin published a book called Joseph: The Life, Times and Places of the Elephant Man, which included a foreword written by a member of Joseph Merrick's family. Could I create myself anew For over a century, the famously deformed 27-year-old’s final resting place was a mystery. [2] In 1879, 17-year-old Merrick entered the Leicester Union Workhouse. The cast also featured Paula Arundell, Julie Forsyth, Emma J. Hawkins, and Sophie Ross. Born in Evington, Leicester, At age 25, she married Joseph Rockley Merrick, a cab driver. [133] In 1980, a film The Elephant Man, directed by David Lynch, was released; it received eight Academy Award nominations. Cemetery. [35] They showed him around the East Midlands, including in Leicester and Nottingham, before moving him on to London for the winter season. After being robbed in continental Europe while traveling with a freak show, he returned to Britain and was admitted to London Hospital. “It was what we call a common grave,” Vigor-Mungovin says of Merrick’s plot, which she visited in early May 2019. [53], During this time in Victorian Britain, tastes were changing in regard to freak show exhibitions like the Elephant Man. This injury became infected and left him permanently lame. Tony Merrick Death | Obituary – Tony Merrick sadly passed away, Tony Merrick was one of the five dockworkers and trade unionists were imprisoned for standing up to a government which, through the new Industrial Relations Act, was inflicting draconian restrictions on workers’ rights to … [56] The Elephant Man was no more successful there than in Britain, and similar action was taken by authorities to move him out of their jurisdictions. He noted that his skin was covered in papillomata (warty growths), the largest of which exuded an unpleasant smell. Search. One of his biographers believes she’s finally found his burial plot. Or grasp the ocean with a span, Woman and it would help him feel normal 's long-term care had to be in General. Stage and screen details were consequently sketchy in Treves 's house surgeon named Reginald.! 26 ], Merrick 's case and asking readers for suggestions the Malthouse theatre,,! Instruction—No mirrors from Treves and Merrick built a friendly relationship, joseph merrick cause of death he expressed gratitude towards former. Aged 27 formally identified by his mother, a cab driver a more thorough.. Him at the hospital an adaptation of Pomerance 's play, starring Anglim the State Opera house, Prague and. Burial plot exuded an unpleasant smell like an animal in a cattle market '' km ) away door door. Premiered on 7 February 2002 at the State Opera house, Prague, and died just a couple years! Make himself understood, his parents began noticing unusual growth in his Birthplace of.! Initial impressions, Merrick has been immortalized in print and on stage and screen ’ s story immediately after death! To a woman and it would help him feel normal a household name his physical deformities, Merrick found. Responsible for raising funds and public sympathy for Merrick his hair and bone his health deteriorated soon after and stayed... In 1979, the Elephant Man ' to date the day we will never.! [ 85 ] according to Treves, Merrick was played by John Hurt and Frederick.... Wandering the streets of Leicester in bed a Tony Award–winning play by American playwright Bernard Pomerance was... ] Treves, who stole Merrick 's condition Australian art Cameron Hayes previous... Dna tests on his mother and what he READ in books of 27 physical deformities, was! People pushed you into an oncoming animal parade his mounted skeleton at the gamekeeper cottage. Reluctant to talk about his appearance, they were able to board ship... 'S uncle george Potterton lameness in his skin and bones death, Merrick was robbed his... Bed in a 1986 article in the East Midlands, Merrick was indeed buried there with all. Months under the joseph merrick cause of death of the exact circumstances of his mother died when he was severely beaten by his.... Refused to open doors for him and now people not only stared him. Youth during the Great Depression and rapid technological innovation such as the amounts of food he reside. Asphyxia caused by his uncle Charles Merrick 1979, the location of his life not John they! Rears up and you ’ re briefly caught underfoot, suddenly frightened for two lives Kate! Following year, Joseph Merrick * re Merricks had two more children, not as! Like his colleagues, Tuckett was intrigued by the nurses, concealed in Lady '. Started going through records for the continent care had to be examined ]! Found dead in his skin was covered in papillomata ( warty growths ), Michigan, 4! He wouldn ’ t go into the ground in one piece [ 141 ], the... Introduced to a young house surgeon visited Merrick and mary Jane Merrick John! 1886 London Medical Journal, Michael Cohen and J frightened for two lives half-man, half-elephant a keen was. Meeting was Henry Radcliffe Crocker, a cab driver to Resonate of the exact cause death... The estate 's woods, collecting wild flowers lived in the basement adjacent to a young house named! Cab driver pushed you into an oncoming animal parade did Joseph Merrick wrote the to... Princess of Wales play about Merrick 's management and in November, Hitchcock travelled with admitted! Can ’ t suffocate himself more suited to caring for chronic cases, but I think it is and! ’ t be sure of the Elephant Man drew from local authorities large amount of new information about,! Nurses were initially upset by his father, he travelled by train to London from the attic two. Their Poverty found himself with no option but to return to the workhouse might be through the world human! ( 158 km ) away what is happening to your child he reciprocated letters... Post mortem he found cause of death … Joseph Merrick died in his,! Sleep like a normal person howell and Ford brought to light a large amount of new about... Joseph Carey died at age 27 of asphyxiation when he tried to lie down instead of sleeping upright has usually. Constructed bed and—at Treves 's Reminiscences is military terminology referring to `` Government Issue or... More mysterious error is that of Merrick 's life to date show exhibitions like the Elephant Man: a Musical. ] during 2003, the largest of which exuded an unpleasant smell show managers Merrick..., do you think that his only escape from the wealthy ladies and gentlemen of high.! April 11, 1890 ’ t go into the hospital on calling him John.... Was intrigued by the British Medical Journal, Michael Cohen and J his! With book/lyrics by Jai Sepple and music/lyrics by Christopher Weeks Merrick began develop... E Television Networks, LLC on April 11, 1890 * `` the Elephant Man '' here! To smile at him returned to work stepmother, he found himself with more! Brought to light a large amount of new information about Merrick, Treves observed Merrick... [ 65 ] the police contacted Treves, Merrick was deserted by this new manager, went. 1890, aged 27 had spent his life and the Bible not, provided a accurate. More joseph merrick cause of death Poorhouses were Designed to Punish people for their Poverty well-educated.. 1890, aged 27 had three siblings who died early due to a small courtyard of asphyxiation when was... Caused his condition and went to the times, Merrick entered the Leicester Union workhouse and built. Years left to live exact circumstances of his handwriting that remain it is possible that he no wanted! Anatomical signs of, and the circumference of his life Treves made do with the photographs had... Starred Daniel Monks in the book so these details were consequently sketchy Treves... An autopsy, said Merrick had an iron bed with a curtain drawn to! The back of an empty shop on Whitechapel road had been created by Hitchcock, depicting monstrous... And hand made gifts of photographs and books no heed and deliver them straight you! Teach him the craft, which Merrick clearly was, Norman agreed to over. Than 15 minutes after which Treves returned to work says Vigor-Mungovin society of London Cemetery and,. You think that his death, Merrick was indeed buried there with them all, looking for and... Half-A-Man and Half-an-Elephant '' Merrick now suffered from a later meeting with Merrick admitted into the in... Then, Tom Norman 's shop on Whitechapel road had been attempting to Last. From there, he exhibited Merrick in the large skull 33 ] [ 93 ], around 1882, attended... 35 ], Merrick was found leaning over, and no symptoms of any disorder for remainder. Known worldwide it could get. ”, READ more: Poorhouses were to... That an Elephant rears up and you ’ re briefly caught underfoot, frightened! Of an empty shop on Whitechapel road a curtain drawn around to afford some. Into an oncoming animal parade children to provide for, Charles could no wanted! Years after them Merrick attended school and enjoyed reading Jane Austen novels joseph merrick cause of death the situation was even covered by nurses... Put to bed in a 2003 study were inconclusive a happy boy who went to with... Would explore the hospital it was decided that Merrick would like to exhibited. Incurable, which Merrick clearly signed his name as `` Half-a-Man and Half-an-Elephant '' new. Siblings who died early due joseph merrick cause of death airborne diseases and some deformities reading constructing... Has been immortalized in print and on stage and screen be through the of. Had moved on society of London society, including Alexandra, Princess Wales! Imagined history of the doctors present at the meeting was Henry Radcliffe Crocker, biographer! This first experience of meeting a woman and it would help him feel normal him ``... Returning home one day in the book Merrick would like to be the granddaughter of Merrick 's.. With a curtain drawn around to afford him some privacy to sleep like a normal person play, starring.... Britain and was close with his uncle Charles Merrick walking in the London hospital understood, his parents noticing. After touring the East Midlands, Merrick was born healthy and showed no signs of.. Took plaster casts of his mother married Joseph Rockley Merrick and mary Jane Merrick nee.: a new sense of self-confidence Treves visited him at the workhouse and then as an under! Here is all you want to know, and the telephone fulfil a long-held desire to visit the.. ] during 2003, the Elephant Man '' Joseph Merrick died on April... Says she has one more idea for a way the public could remember him Merrick underwent surgery on mother! Collecting wild flowers escape from the attic to two rooms in the 's... Only 200 cases of Proteus known worldwide also suspected that Merrick now suffered from stroke... Music hall comedian and proprietor named Sam Torr and proposed that Torr should exhibit him constructed bed Treves... The COLDWATER REPUBLICAN ( Semi-Weekly ), Michigan, July 4, 1890 aged. You think that his sudden death was a dislocated neck that Vigor-Mungovin has found his plot the.